Peter’s Humor? – SUMMER 2007

By Peter Muller, V.P., C.A.S.H.

A truck driver who was hauling a load of merchandise for Cabela’s Outfitters, a hunting supply company, stopped into a truck stop in a Northern California town to have some dinner. As he approached the counter, the waitress slowly slid her hand towards a handgun sitting just below the counter. “Are you some kind of hunter?” she asked, “’cause I can smell one in here”.

“Heck no!” the trucker replied. “I am a truck driver, but I am hauling outdoor gear for Cabela’s. That must be what you smell”.

She agreed and let the trucker sit down to his dinner. A few minutes later, a man walked in wearing a camouflage outfit. The waitress jumped up, grabbed the gun and BANG!, shot him on the spot.

The surprised trucker jumped up and yelled “What in the world are you doing?!”

The waitress told him that it was open season on hunters because of the fact that there were so many of them that the county had declared an open hunting season on them, and that the bag-limit was five hunters per day.

The trucker, a little shaken at all this, got back in his truck and started up a steep hill leading out of town. All of a sudden, the back door of his trailer accidentally busted open, spilling his load of Cabela’s outdoor gear all over the highway. He could see in his rear-view mirror that already, a bunch of hunters were scrambling onto the road and were scavenging his merchandise. The trucker grabbed a gun and jumped out of the truck. He ran to the back and BANG… BANG… BANG….he shot the first three hunters that he could see and the rest ran off into the brush along the side of the road.

Next, he heard a loud siren as a state trooper screeched to a stop beside the carnage.

“All right, buddy, that’s it, you’re under arrest!!” the trooper yelled.

“But I thought it was open season on these hunters, and I only shot three!” the trucker exclaimed.

“That’s true,” the officer replied, “but you can’t shoot ’em over bait!”

Did you hear the one about the hunter who got caught in a trap?

He chewed off one of his legs but was still stuck!

Why do hunters have little holes all over their faces?

From eating with forks.

How do you get a one-armed hunter out of a tree?

Wave to him.


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