OvoControl® (nicarbazin): A New Tool for Managing Resident Canada Goose, Duck and Pigeon Populations

A method for reducing populations of waterfowl and pigeons, without hunting or killing adult birds is OvoControl. Should the issue surface in your community, be sure to let officials know about this product. 

By Erick Wolf

Rapidly growing resident Canada goose populations have led to increases in human/goose conflicts in municipal parks, golf courses, and corporate parks in urban and suburban habitats.

Harassment techniques have been tried over the years to scare geese away from areas where they are not wanted including trained dogs, lasers and flashing lights. Communities have also worked to find ways to exclude geese and/or make areas less attractive to them through habitat modification, fencing and stringing wires over ponds. Yet, all these techniques really treat only the symptoms of a continually growing problem and expanding number of resident Canada geese. Reducing the nesting and hatching success of geese is a long term, sustainable solution and must be part of an integrated program of goose management.

Innolytics, LLC, of Rancho Santa Fe, California has developed a safe, humane method of population control for resident geese with a bait incorporating a chemical which prevents goose and pigeon eggs from hatching. This new technology effectively represents birth control for birds.

Nicarbazin, the active ingredient in OvoControl, is a chemical that has been used in broiler chicken production for over 50 years to prevent coccidiosis, a protozoan caused intestinal disease. It was discovered early on that it also interfered with egg hatchability.

Application of Nicarbazin treated bait begins 1 to 2 weeks before date of first egg laying for the geese – which varies regionally, and continues for 8 to 10 weeks. Bait is dispensed daily and monitored to assure that non-target species aren’t consuming the product.

Advantages of the new technology:

  • Significantly reduces resident goose and pigeon population growth.
  • A wide margin of safety and efficacy in both geese and other species.
  • No effects on mammals, including people.
  • The active ingredient is excreted within days of consumption so there is no long-term accumulation
  • Replaces labor-intensive efforts of egg oiling or addling and does not require locating of nests to be effective.

OvoControl is a safe, effective means to reduce urban goose populations over time. It will not immediately lower current populations on specific corporate properties or park areas, yet provides another tool to be used with existing bird control efforts.

Now registered in nearly 50 states, OvoControl G for geese and ducks and P for pigeons is available through USDA or a local pest or wildlife control operator. Contact Innolytics at www.hatchcontrol.com for additional information on the product.

OvoControl® is a registered trademark of Innolytics, LLC, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 Innolytics, LLC, Telephone : 858.759.8012; Email: Innolytics@cox.net .


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