Not Only Cats Have 9 Lives!

This little expectant mother opossum was first caught in a trap, and then someone shot her in the face putting 5 pellets into her little face with a shotgun, and leaving her to die. The photo to the left is what she looked like when she was found

First she was taken to Dr. Lori Cherneywho surgically removed four of five pellets from the little one’s face and shoulder on April 25th. She was unable to get the fifth pellet, but the inflammation had gone down. A scab on top of her head continues to heal and fur is growing back.

In a later examination, Dr. Cherney said that the six little ones in her pouch had doubled in size. Her weight increased from about 5.4 pounds to nearly 8 pounds.

Two weeks after rehabilitation by Terese Evans of the Black Hawk Wildlife Rehabilitation Project in Iowa, she and her babies were released on Merle and Vicki Wilson’s property on Mother’s Day. Merle and Vicki Wilson are members of Wildlife Watch and we are so grateful to them for all that they do and for sending us these photos and this story!

Right before her release, while still in the arms of Terese, this adorable little opossum is telling all who will listen to her what happened, and is asking for laws to make both trapping and hunting illegal, and to criminalize cruelty to animals. Can you blame her?

Fare thee well, little one!


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