Net and Bolt Killing of Deer at Cornell

There are various forms of deer killing. “Net & bolt” is one of the cruelest. CayugaDeer has been fighting and documenting culling in Ithaca, NY.

They write: has long maintained that the wildlife division of NY State’s Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) seeks to use the Ithaca community as a gateway to “net and bolt” killing of suburban deer — a technique widely condemned by veterinary experts and humane societies for its egregious cruelty. Faculty and staff of Cornell’s DNR, whose actions often serve to further the DEC’s cynical agenda while cloaking it in a veil of perceived academic legitimacy, have been setting up “Clover traps” (collapsible box traps) on Cornell-owned property in various areas of the Town of Ithaca. They are then killing the deer they capture by ramming a metal rod into their skulls using a “captive bolt” device similar to those used in slaughterhouses.

To understand more about the nightmare of culling, please visit this excellent website: and the petition site:


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