MORE of What We’ve Been Up To

C.A.S.H. gave a presentation in October about the nightmare of hunting at Green Mountain College in Poultney, VT.  Every other year, a hunting class is given and C.A.S.H. presents the other side of the story.

• C.A.S.H. designed a CARE2 petition that brought in over 1,300  responses appealing to the Supreme Court of the US to give a hearing to Jan Haagensen’s Petition challenging the constitutionality of Pennsylvania’s Hunter Harassment Law.  Please see SCOTUS… .

• C.A.S.H. designed and sent press releases to media outlets about this case.

• C.A.S.H. continues its investigative reporting, delving well below the surface news.   In the Courier, C.A.S.H. presents the truth of hunting that leads to the inevitable conclusion that management of wildlife for hunting must end.


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