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The quote, Hunting, fishing and trapping license sales are key to funding the fish and wildlife management duties undertaken by the NY State Dept. of Conservation, DEC, translates into the fact that their Bureau Of Wildlife BOW (like in bow hunting) funds itself off the blood of wildlife. A pitiable truth that says it all.

The fact that the agency’s wildlife biologists’ (mostly all hunters themselves) salaries are paid with this blood money, makes it stand to reason that BOW will always cater to the less than 5% or less citizenry who enjoy nature by killing wildlife. Early to late fall and through the winter may be the biggest season since it’s for what’s called “big game,” bears and deer, including fawns barely six months old, but there is no time of year when there isn’t a ‘season’ on some hapless wild creature whether it be furred, feathered, or living in water.

Most of the non-hunting public who care about & take pleasure in the natural beauty of NY’s wildlife alive don’t have a clue how wildlife’s fate is controlled by what amounts to a private hunting club run by the state DEC and their <5% of the population, clientele. There is a bill, S3327/ A6519 introduced by Senator Tony Avella to change the requirement that any member of the inaptly named ‘conservation fund advisory board’ have to hold a hunting, fishing or trapping license to serve on the board, a blatant inequity. The bill is languishing in committee & needs support & NY residents can Google the Bill & from there comment on & ask their senator & assembly person to co-sponsor & support it.

It also needs publicity in the same way this lohud reporter gave publicity to the upcoming fall sport of the annual war on wildlife. In all fairness, this would’ve been a great opportunity to add a few words of info on Sen Avella’s Bill, a start for those of us who believe there is something horribly wrong in the way this agency depends on getting its funding. It’s high time for some change!

Marilyn Leybra is a long time activist. She was a dear (and deer) friend of Luke Dommer’s, the founder of C.A.S.H. She has been a wildlife rehabilitator for over 25 years. You can contact Marilyn at



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