Ann and Peter have been working on launching LOHV League of Humane Voters chapters – all with personal money.

We thank John Eberhart of the Georgia Earth Alliance who arranged for a LOHV presentation on June 24. It was held at the Decatur Library in GA.

The presentation was well received; John and the Georgia Earth Alliance were our most gracious hosts at the Decatur Public Library. We trust that a LOHV-Georgia chapter will be launched in Georgia.

Peter Muller (President, LOHV USA), Ellen Jaffee (Rockland County
Legislator), Linda Segal (President, LOHV-Rockland).

LOHV-Rockland interviews Rockland County Legislator Ellen Jaffee who is delighted to have LOHV’s endorsement for the NYS Assembly in District 95.


Scotia New York made the headlines in June of this year. When the mayor and the USDA, it changes its name every few years in a desperate attempt to hide its function. Photo: Peter listens before he replies – a newly acquired skill

Simply put, they are a wildlife extermination service run by the federal government, killing for a fee. Scotia town officials contracted with them to do-in hundreds of Canada geese. Every major TV station attended the public hearing.

The residents of Scotia spoke out at village meetings. Anne Muller spoke at the Village meeting as well. All to no avail, the trustees, with their heads firmly buried in the sand, decided to proceed with the roundup and slaughter!

The caring public speaks about the futility and cruelty of the proposed action

Some members of the board listen while the mayor continues to study his race-form.


The plan was to round up the geese and have them slaughtered while they were molting from late June to early August. After not finding it productive to try to explain to the trustees that the Wildlife Service plan wouldn’t work – the Scotia activists, with Laurie Brown as spokesperson, took matters into their own hands. They went out into the lake in canoes and kayaks and chased the geese away from where they were to be kidnapped.

Wildlife Service operatives had to admit to the village that they could not fulfill their contract because there were no geese on the lake! Shucks.

Wildlife Watch’s full text presentation at the Scotia meeting can be read at www.all-creatures.org/cash, but the most important point made was that a League of Humane Voters – LOHV chapter would be launched in Scotia, NY within a matter of weeks AND IT CAME TO PASS.

Following the amazing hazing that the Scotia activists did 24/7 at Collins Lake Park where the roundup was to occur, there were no geese left to kill-


Thanks to Patty Keelan, Scotia has instituted a League of Humane Voters after LOHV’s presentation. With the kind of spunk and determination shown by the residents of Scotia – there is every reason to expect them to become one of LOHV’s most active chapters.

Presentation in Scotia, New York


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