Letter to Editor Published in Times Union the leading paper in Albany, NY

Letter to Editor published in Times Union, the leading paper in Albany, NY

A coalition of wildlife advocates and some concerned, compassionate state senators and assemblymen worked for months to stop the state Department of Environmental Conservation from carrying out their plan to kill all the mute swans in the state.

The rationale given by DEC for this extremely cruel plan was based on faulty reasoning and pseudo-science. It was fairly easy to refute their stated reasons for the extermination, using sound scientific facts; what is not so easy is persuading an entrenched state agency to change its policies, some of which are designed to cater to the small minority of New Yorkers who “sport” hunt.

However, thanks to Sen. Tony Avella, D-Bayside, Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz, D-Brooklyn, and many citizens who prefer to enjoy and protect wild animals rather than kill them, legislation to impose a moratorium on the swan slaughter was passed in mid-June. Sadly, the very day before it passed, some DEC agents shot to death another mated pair of swans, leaving their four cygnets to starve.

Because the DEC has carte-blanche to go on killing these precious birds until the bill is signed into law, we have been awaiting Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s signature on it. Some five weeks later and the bill still has not been signed. Dozens of phone calls to the governor and other state offices resulted in the frustrating reply that the process is slow.

Meanwhile, mute swans are in constant danger from the DEC. We urge the governor to sign the law immediately that no more innocent birds need suffer.

[Our own] Eileen Fay


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