Letter From the President – Spring 2012

Dear C.A.S.H. Supporters,

Game managers say that just “a few bad apples” among hunters break the law, but an article from the Sept. 12, 2010 edition of the Sacramento Bee (California) tells a different story.  In the article, Jerry Karnow, president of state Fish and Game Wardens Association said “We actually have suspects who have said, ‘Well, we never get checked by a game warden anyway, so we’re not going to buy the hunting license.” The article went on to say that wardens estimate they catch about 5 percent of violators.  Take the insane amount of hunting violations that are prosecuted and multiply that number by twenty to more accurately predict how many hunters are breaking the law.  The number is as significant as it is disgraceful because it turns the tables on the lies that hunters tell when defending their violent hobby.

If you observe a hunter breaking the law, report it immediately to both your local police and your state fish and game agency.  Record names of officers, places, times, and events, and follow up.  If you are threatened by game officers who are protecting the hunters, you will have documentation to use in your defense.

Since opening an office in Las Cruces, C.A.S.H. has been involved in diverse efforts such as helping landowners defend themselves against hunters who illegally trespass upon their property; intervening when local municipalities establish recreational hunting opportunities that endanger the public and damage the ecosystem; raising awareness of how state and federal hunting agencies create overpopulation problems and damage sensitive natural areas to appease the hunting and weapons lobbies; reaching out to elected officials to promote and support laws that protect wildlife; educating the public through the distribution of literature, public tabling opportunities, letters to the editor, media interviews, presentations to schools and civic groups, and more.

Since our last newsletter, C.A.S.H. has answered many inquiries from students who need to argue their opposition to hunting in school papers or debates. C.A.S.H. arms them with well-researched and documented facts. My article in this issue of the C.A.S.H. Courier entitled, “Don’t Allow Your Town to Participate in a Bait and Shoot Program” was adapted from my response to a student who was seeking help.

C.A.S.H. has done several radio programs recently, and the one with Dr. Lori Kirshner from Animals Today Radio can be heard at http://animalstodayradio.com/audio/042212.mp3 .  C.A.S.H. has also tabled at the Earth Day celebration in Las Cruces, NM and will be tabling for the third year at the Southern New Mexico Pride celebration.  We are always eager to spread the word about wildlife mismanagement for sport hunting.

Further, C.A.S.H. weighs in on legislation that affects wildlife when we become aware of it, and sends hard copy letters or e-mail to legislators and other decision-makers in support or opposition to bills.  On our website, we highlight important bills and provide you with sample letters for your legislators.  Of great importance to wildlife federally that your senators in Washington need to hear from you about is H.R.4089 – the “Sportsman’s Heritage Act”.

Please read Peter Muller’s article in this issue to learn how this bill will harm wildlife.   The C.A.S.H. Courier often provides investigative reports, please see E.M. Fay’s article about live-testing for Chronic Wasting Disease.

Tell a friend about C.A.S.H. today.  C.A.S.H. supporters are the kind of people who surround themselves with like-minded individuals who share similar interests and ideas, so please spread the word about the work we do to those who would be interested.  Bringing our message to a wider audience will help us protect wildlife even more.  If you would like to be on our e-list to receive our letters and reports, or if you would like to receive publications for distribution, or if you need answers to your hunting/trapping related questions, please e-mail me at: joe@abolishsporthunting.com.

Please don’t forget about the needs of animals and wildlife in our midst this summer.  Providing water is the best thing you can do.  Be sure to ask restaurants and other stores to put out bowls of water for animal passers-by.  Please remember C.A.S.H.’s needs as well, it’s your contributions that sustain our work.  Thank you for helping!

For the Wildlife,
Joe Miele


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