IT’S A HOOT TO SHOOT According To Henry Rifles.

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High Profile Murders Committed With Hunting Firearms

Profile #1:
David Munis, WY

Dave Munis

A high profile firearms crime centered around David Munis who shot his wife, Robin, in the head as she was singing on stage at a club in Wyoming. He had sniper training in the National Guard. He was also a “big hunter” and an “avid outdoorsman,” as the local newspapers reported when the story first broke.

Robin Munis

Not surprisingly, as time passed the word was given to remove “hunter” from the description, but we caught it in the nick of time. In case there’s any doubt that Mr. Munis was a hunter, the photos tell the story. We thank Priscilla Cohn for ferreting these out.

Profile #2:
Eric Hainstock, WI

The 16 year old went to school with a shotgun and pistol and fatally shot the school principal. He was prevented from going after others. He had been in a hunter safety class. The hunter safety instructor said his students are taught to know their target and what’s beyond it. They are also supposed to keep their fingers outside the trigger guard until they’re absolutely certain they want to shoot. The reason Hainstock gave for shooting was that he was “angry.”

Profile #3:
13 Year Old, PA

A 13 year old girl shot her father in the head with a shotgun and killed him.

These shocking occurrences certainly put the lie to the ridiculous bumper sticker that claims “Kids who hunt, fish, and trap don’t mug little old ladies.”

Thank you to John Cannon for sending us a press release from the US Fish and Wildlife Service gloating that “Recruitment rates of children in hunting and fishing have stabilized. These rates are critical to the future of fish and wildlife conservation,” said USFWS Director Dale Hall. e-mail:

Then in Niagara Gazette there’s a report bemoaning the fact that deer numbers are only up slightly in New York State! “It will be tough to convince deer hunters who have been seeing fewer deer of any increases, time will tell if present management practices are working out and we start seeing more deer in favorite haunts”. Do you really think that game agencies want to reduce deer populations? Most don’t; but actually some do.

Those who are attempting to grow large trophy bucks. The Quality Deer Management Association is aggressively pushing its agenda into suburbia. Culls fit perfectly into their scheme. For example, the deer manager for the Department of Recreation and Parks in Howard County, MD, wants a deer cull these . He just happens to be a member of the Quality Deer Management Association.

See Jennifer Grill’s article in this issue.

Idaho Shooters Target National Guard!

Thousands of acres at the Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area in Idaho are off limits to shooting. Yet, Idaho Army National Guard troops report slugs bouncing off their tanks on a regular basis by ATV-riding, gun-toting sport shooters who flout gun laws in the desert and take pot shots at squirrels and other animals, Now against National Guard Tanks.

“There’s a segment of the shooting community that will shoot at anything at moves,” said the area’s manager. A rancher said they drive out to open space “looking for fun.” There are only two agents to patrol 4 million acres of desert near Boise and gun enthusiasts regularly shoot at squirrels, protected birds and grazing cattle.

With so little coverage, it’s no wonder that fewer than 10 people a year are ticketed for illegal shooting.


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