As soon as we heard that Avon-by-the sea was planning to kill geese, Joe Miele shot off both a letter to the editor and a letter to the Commissioner and other officials of the borough. Being humane, they opted to go with non-lethal methods. Please read on …

Joe’s letter was as follows:

To The Editor:

Avon-by-the-sea Commissioner Dan Gibney and other officials are looking into acquiring depredation permits that would permit the borough to round up and kill the thirty-five to forty Canada geese who are living around the area of Sylvan Lake. (Activists cry foul over plan to kill geese – July, 3). While we do understand that there are some issues involved with Canada Geese that may seem unpleasant to some, we are happy to report that these issues can be addressed in a non-violent and completely humane manner.

Commissioner Gibney is quoted as saying “We would seek the most humane way of removing the geese.” Luckily for the geese, the Commissioner has many options to choose from if he intends to live up to his word.

The Virginia/Washington D.C. based GeesePeace, is an organization dedicated to building better communities though innovative, effective, and humane solutions to wildlife conflicts.

GeesePeace has been working with New York Senator Chuck Schumer on a program in Nassau County that will control geese without resorting to lethal measures. Since the Nassau program has been well received by county officials and the public, we respectfully urge Avon borough officials to contact GeesePeace and learn how to implement their program on a local scale.

The GeesePeace program is one of education and participation. Non-violent control methods are taught to local officials, and personnel are trained in how to put these techniques into practice. Where the program excels, is in its ability to draw geese away from heavily-traveled areas and then modify the existing habitat so that it is no longer attractive to them. Using exclusion barriers, humane repellants, and habitat modification, geese are taught that the area where they previously lived is no longer a welcome resting place for them.

The lethal round-ups that take place throughout New Jersey are not only exceedingly cruel; they are ineffective by design so that the exterminator is ensured a continuing customer year after year. It is only through humane, nonviolent solutions that long-term goose control can become a reality.

For more information on Canada geese and the issues and solutions surrounding their residence in suburban neighborhoods, please visit or contact the Coalition to Prevent the Destruction of Canada Geese at (845) 425-7116 or

Thank you, Avon, New Jersey!

Avon town councilman Dan Gibney has contacted Wildlife Watch and expressed his willingness to implement non-lethal Canada goose control methods within the town borders. Please contact Mr. Gibney and thank him for his cooperation on the issue and not wanting to kill any geese.

The Honorable Daniel J. Gibney
Avon Town Commissioner
301 Main Street
Avon, NJ 07717
Phone: (732) 502-4510


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