In Praise of Paul Watson


I applaud Captain Paul Watson for taking a stand for the animals and resigning from his position on the Board of Directors of the Sierra Club because of their sleeping with the enemy—pandering to “sportsmen” by holding a “Why I Hunt” essay contest.

Praising hunters for the good things they might do for wildlife habitat, while ignoring the lethal results of their ‘primal passions’ is like admiring pedophilic priests for the good they might do for choirboys, while glossing over their predatory behavior and ignoring the impacts on their victims. Hunters may not have sex with the animals they covet, but like child molesters, they prey on the defenseless and like serial killers, they leave their victims physically wounded or dead.

To actively court their membership in an environmental group, while ignoring their deviant desires, is like disregarding Ted Bundy’s crimes against women just because he volunteered some of his time on a rape crisis hotline.

Several nurses turned serial killer have used their intimate proximity to their patients to their own advantage, satisfying their lust for power by snuffing out the life of their helpless, bedridden victims. Perhaps, like hunters, these killers believe they are doing a good thing by taking matters in hand and thinning the herd. But their underlying motives are self-serving and they should no more be considered humanitarians than hunters should be considered true environmentalists.

How is the Sierra Club going to divorce itself from this unholy alliance when hunters in Washington, Oregon, Idaho or Alaska call for a contest hunt on coyotes or a cull on cougars, wolves or grizzlies that are taking too many of “their” deer, elk, moose or caribou?

Jim Robertson is an ethical photographer. You can see his website at:

Many wildlife photographers take photos of animals in a captive environment, and/or use food and habitat lures or other artificial means of attracting animals to them or getting wild animals to perform.

Mr. Robinson takes photographs in the wild as an unobtrusive observer. He waits patiently never using lure.


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