Horrific Killing of Canada Geese is Legal!

We urge you to watch this video – Woman Confronts Man Killing Geese in ‘Cruel’ Fashion.

When Debbie and Richard Reindl came across a man who was crushing the head of a Canada goose under his boot after wounding him, they begged the man to stop! In agonizing pain, the goose was writhing and flapping her wings while her life was being sadistically squeezed out of her. Debbie pleaded with the torturer to stop what he was doing while Richard took a rare video. They described some of it this way:

“There were numerous other wounded geese in the same field that had not yet died as a result of their wounds.

Most of the geese were not dead and were flapping all around. He continued to wound as many geese as he could but not killing them. What I just saw him do was so cruel.

Based on what we saw, we thought he lacked any compassion for animals.”


It is another hideous example of why wildlife cruelty needs to become a felony, yet it’s not even a misdemeanor! In fact, it’s totally legal.

While there are laws against aggravated cruelty to dogs and cats, there’s NOTHING to protect wildlife or farm animals.

Wildlife Watch has lobbied with the League of Humane Voters in NY for years to pass such a bill but we’re up against the large lobbying PACs , such as the NRA and the Farm Bureau, which have steamrolled over the animal protection lobbyists.

Things need to change to show the strength of the animal protectionist vote. The proposal presented by Peter Muller, Chair, LOHV-NY, can work with everyone’s cooperation. See The Formation of the Animal Protection Lobbying Union (APLU).


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