Doesn’t Like Calling it “War”

Doesn’t Like Calling it “War”

A Wildlife agent criticized our last issue for calling this “war.” As we were going to print, I got a call from Marilyn Leybra, a wildlife rehabilitator, saying that she had a beautiful female raccoon with a trap on her leg. The police had called her. The trapper had not secured the chain. The raccoon had managed to get away dragging the heavy trap on her front leg, now held together only by a piece of skin. After a week of what must have been hell on earth from a severed limb and advanced gangrene, she found a comfortable chair to rest in. As Marilyn was carrying her away, the homeowner yelled out that he wanted someone to pay for the chair. He said he’d never be able to use it again because he’d get rabies. The game agencies had done their job well.

We believe that once game agencies are given full exposure, wildlife and the public will be freed from their grip. The precious individual above was not alive when the photo was taken. We couldn’t help her, but she will help us. Her agony and terror have contributed to our arsenal. Her death has become our weapon. A.M.


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