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Model Letter to the Editor for a Trappers’ Convention

C.A.S.H. President, Joe Miele, sent the following letter to the editor of the Escanaba Daily Press

Next month Escanaba will host the National Trappers Convention – a gathering of people who needlessly and inhumanely kill harmless animals. You will hear about the tradition and economic impact of trapping, but hidden will be the violent side of the sport that is seen only by the trappers and their victims.

Michigan’s trappers use the steel-jaw leghold trap, a device so barbaric that it has been banned in eighty-nine countries; has been deemed inhumane by the conservative American Veterinary Medical Association; and has been banned or severely restricted in several US states. Leghold traps break bones, tear tendons and lacerate the skin of animals unfortunate enough to fall victim to its deadly jaws. Legally placed traps severely injure domestic dogs and cats, as well as raptors, and endangered and threatened species. Given the indiscriminate nature of trapping, no trapper can prevent such occurrences from happening.

Trappers torture animals without conscience, as evidenced by the words of Dennis Schultz, former Vice-President of the Montana Trappers Association. “We trappers do cause pain and suffering to animals and apologize to no one” he proudly wrote in an opinion piece in The Missoulian (2/11/08). This is the cruel truth about what trappers do and what they are proud of.

Rather than rolling out the red carpet for animal cruelty conventions, the City of Escanaba should close its doors to events that celebrate violence and animal abuse. For information on how you can protect wildlife exploited and tortured by trappers visit


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