California Bans Bobcat Trapping

Thanks in huge part to Project Coyote and founder Camilla Fox!

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C.A.S.H. sent the following letter to members of the California Fish and Game Commission:

On behalf of our members and supporters in California and throughout the United States, we strongly oppose all recreational trapping of bobcats anywhere in the state of California.

Bobcats are not a threat to public safety, nor are they a threat to the survival of any species of flora or fauna.

Recreational trapping or fur trapping is not something that can be condoned by a civilized society, and due to the suffering that will come to trapped animals and the way the environment will be needlessly altered, we oppose all efforts to establish or expand trapping of bobcats or any other species for recreation, fur, or any other purpose that is not absolutely and undoubtedly necessary to protect wildlife, habitat or people.

Joe Miele, President,
Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting


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