C.A.S.H.’s Comments For The NJ Black Bear Hearing

On behalf of our more than 2000 members and supporters throughout New Jersey, the Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting wishes to voice our collective opposition to bear hunting in the state, as bear hunting is at once unnecessary, inhumane, and dangerous to the people of New Jersey.

As in years past, a bear hunt will be a trophy hunt designed to satisfy the fewer than one-half percent of the state’s population who want to kill the animals. The opinions expressed by this tiny and violent specialinterest group do not accurately represent those of the public at large.

Bears are not a public safety concern, they are not spreading disease, they are not impacting the condition of their habitat and they are not impacting the survival of other wildlife species. Damage to private property due to bear activity is less than that done by raccoons, and cannot be considered to be exorbitant.

Dr. Lynn Rogers of the Wildlife Research Institute in Ely, Minnesota is one of the world’s foremost experts on black bears. According to Dr. Rogers, black bears maintain their population at a level commensurate with available habitat and food supply. Since this is the case, preventative measures are all that are needed to regulate the bear population and ensure that it is in accord with the biological carrying capacity of the available habitat

Additionally, because bears cannot be hunted in residential areas, the bears who will be killed in a hunt are not those who are habituated to human activity. Because this is so, any claims of hunting being necessary to ensure the safety of the public cannot be considered legitimate.

Every year in which statistics have been kept, New Jersey has seen more people injured and killed by hunters than by bears. This is a fact that cannot be refuted by hunting apologists, no matter how much they try to frighten the public with tall tales of how bears are dangerous to our way of life.

Because bears pose no threat to the state’s human population, because the public does not want their bears to be hunted, and because there is no scientific need to hunt bears, on behalf of our members and supporters throughout the state C.A.S.H. opposes the provisions within the Comprehensive Black Bear Management Policy that call for any form of bear hunting.


To keep up-to-date or offer help, please contact Janet Piszar of The Bear Group at Hasla1@verizon.net  or call: 973-315-3219

C.A.S.H.’s PresidentJoe Miele, was a guest on Animal Concerns Texas’ ACT Radio speaking against, you guessed it, sport hunting http://ktep.org/files/archive_1455.mp3

C.A.S.H. continues to provide support for high school and college students for presentations and projects.

C.A.S.H. will be tabling once again at the Southern New Mexico Gay Pride Festival in Las Cruces, NM

C.A.S.H. participated in a forum for a Virginia newspaper about the reality of hunting.

C.A.S.H. coordinated with New Jersey’s Bear Education and Resource Group to try to put a stop to the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife‘s plan to open a hunting season on the state’s harmless black bears. C.A.S.H. sent letters to the NJDFW.

C.A.S.H. partnered with the Oregon Cougar Action Team to oppose an effort to allow cougar hunting with dogs.

C.A.S.H. maintained a busy Facebook page and updated it with news and events regarding hunting and wildlife (if you’re on Facebook, please “Friend” us today!)

C.A.S.H. sent a letter to an IA representative on behalf of a C.A.S.H. member to enforce their conservation laws. Trespassing and other violations of hunting law are not being taken seriously.

C.A.S.H. sent a letter to Teresa Sayward, a NYS Assembly Member from Glens Falls asking that she not put in legislation supporting dove hunting. She responded saying that she fully supports her friends – the sport hunters.



Attend our panel discussion about THE HUNTER HARASSMENT LAW AND WHY IT MUST BE ANNULLED. Hear hair-raising personal accounts about how the hunter harassment laws have victimized homeowners..


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