The magnetic hold-a-note is ideal for shopping lists, messages or reminders. With a strong magnet on the back, the hold-a-note adheres to refrigerators, filing cabinets or any steel surface. Each hold-a-note comes packed with paper and a pencil. It’s easy to refill the hold-a-note with more paper when needed, use it over and over again. Approximate size of the hold-a-note, with paper, is 4.25 x 5.25 x 1 inch. Made in the USA.
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God’s Dog : A Celebration of the North American Coyote by Hope Ryden

We were happy to learn from Hope Ryden that her amazing book, God’s Dog. We encourage you to read it and give it to others to read. Ask libraries to order it, and give it to friends for holidays and birthdays. It will be a gift that will last a lifetime, for it will change the readers’ perspective of coyotes forever.

“Full of charm and tenacious inquisitiveness as the appealing animal she pleads is allowed to live.”
—The Washington Post
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This new book by Will Tuttle, Ph.D. is not a New Age rant; it’s an Old Age treatise, so to speak, that draws upon ancient wisdom, scientific data and reasoning, spiritual grounding, and a fine mind. —

In the twenty years I’ve chosen not to eat meat, numerous people have asked why I made the choice. Back then when in college, I’ve explained, I stopped eating meat to clear my clogged mind and to fuel my energy. It worked, and the diet stuck. Over time, ethical reasons complimented the practical ones. My explanations, though, pale compared to Will Tuttle’s thorough and cogent argument for why a vegan diet is not only necessary for a person’s health but, more importantly, also for our planet’s well being.

Book review by Jeff Davis, Managing Editor of the Wildlife Watch Binocular, Yoga instructor, Bliss Yoga Center, Woodstock, NY.

You can find the book online at: www.willtuttle.com
Published by Lanternbooks www.lanternbooks.com


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