Dear Uncle Joe:

How can you say that hunters and trappers are not conservationists? All throoughout Hunter education (which is a requirement for nearly every state in order to obtain a hunting liscence of any kind) I heard over an over to give the animals the best chance at getting away. And also, to hunt ethically, which means to take a one shot kill, to give animals a chance. Where as it is perfectly leagal to shoot ducks on the water, every hunter I know whould just as soon shoot a person than hunt in such a ceap, unfair way. You don’t know what you are talking about.


Telluride, Colorado

Dear Zach:

The word “conservation” has been hijacked by hunters and its definition has morphed into something roughly translated into “the practice of randomly slaughtering wildlife for sport, with little regard for the individuals or the health of the ecosystem.” In truth, hunters only “conserve” the species they want to kill later on.

In response to your assertion that hunters take “one shot to kill,” how do you explain the fact that animals are often wounded and escape to face a slow death from infection or from starvation because they are no longer able to feed themselves? This does not seem very “ethical,” does it?

And thanks for telling me that every hunter you know would sooner shoot people than hunt in “ceap” and unfair ways. I’ve long suspected that you people were maniacs – now I have confirmation.


Uncle Joe


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