Dear Uncle Joe:

Hunting is the safest sport out there. Proven fact. Fewer injuries occur due to hunting realted accedents than occur durring football or any other sport, including ping pong. Heres some more stats:

According to the National Safety Council Accident Facts, 1994 edition, hunting is safer than golf or Ping-Pong. Injuries per 100,000 participants: Ping Pong: 15.32; Hunting: 7.06.

Has your mind turned to a pile of mush? your website id filled with nothing but hate and it is sad. Because we hunt an animal, we are hateful, angry, sick, demented, people who have no regard for any life? I am ging to end this because you have simply made a compleate idiot of yourself.


Battle Creek, MI

Dear Ted:

Do me a favor and please check the number of fatalities that occur annually due to Ping Pong accidents. When you do, we can resume this inane discussion because after reading your letter, I do indeed think my mind is turning to mush.


Uncle Joe


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