Dear Uncle Joe,

I’m sure you know (but have altered the truth of it) trapping is a very important part of ecosystem balance. State Fish and Wildlife Services work with teams of boilogists to set up how long a season can be when it can be, as well as the amount of game can be taken by any one person, to ensure the prosperity of the game. Without the help of trappers animals would spread disease.


Bedford, IN

Dear Scott:

You must have missed the memos from the Minnesota Division of Natural Resources and the New Mexico Game and Fish Commission. The State of Minnesota has no limits on the number of beavers, muskrats, minks, raccoons, red foxes, gray foxes, badgers or opossums that a trapper can catch and kill. To make matters worse raccoons and red foxes have no closed season, meaning that you can kill as many as you want, whenever you want. This is not very scientific, is it? If you don’t believe me, you can check it out yourself by going to:

The New Mexico Game Commission says that state residents are not required to have any license to kill unprotected species such as coyotes, prairie dogs, rabbits or skunks. New Mexico has no “harvest limits,” “government quotas” or “bag limits” for furbearing animals. There’s no limit on the number of traps per trapper, either. These facts expose another lie spewed forth by the propaganda machine of the National Trappers Association, which falsely states on their website that “Government quotas and strict conservation practices keep wildlife, including furbearers, at optimum levels.”

I’m sorry to burst your bubble but it looks like the trappers are lying to you again. This raises an interesting question – why would you believe the propaganda of someone who derives enjoyment from killing small, helpless, furry animals?


Uncle Joe


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