Ask Uncle Joe – Kendra’s Letter

Dear Uncle Joe,

Posh developments here in Florida have pest control companies trap or kill all the animals inhumanely to keep the developments “free” of animals. Anytime a person sees a raccoon, duck, iguana, alligator, possum, fox, anything that is usually a joy to see, they report to animal control to come and “remove” the harmless creature.

I was able to stop random poisoning in one community so far, but this happens in many places and seems endless. The management of my community put rat poisoning behind the houses, and the result was that raccoons ate it, squirrels at it and passed it on to the osprey, the fish, the possum – you get the picture.

People freak out when they see a wild critter. What can I do? I’m only one person.

Kendra L.
Lady Lake, FL

Dear Kendra:

You have to start small in order to put together a movement that will get the management of your community to sit up and listen to you

Since you’ve been able to stop random poisoning in one community, it might help if the manager of that complex could give you a written testimonial, something to show others that s/he has worked with you on the issue, and that you have been able to show them alternatives to poisoning that work well to solve their problems. With this letter, you can approach other property managers and try to sell them on the same solutions. It would also help if you could write up a petition supporting your approach and collect signatures from the residents living in a given complex. This will show the property managers that there is support for your plans.

Contact local grassroots animal rights groups for their assistance. They may be able to put you in touch with a friendly reporter who can do an article or two.

Keep up the good work! The animals appreciate it.


Uncle Joe


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