Ask Uncle Joe – FALL/WINTER 2004

Dear Readers:

I approach each of my columns as an opportunity to educate people and point out the inaccuracies, lies, and false beliefs of the hunting community. I also like using the column as a forum to help others who face dilemmas regarding wildlife issues close to home. For this column I’d like to do something a little different.

I do my best to answer every letter I get with practical, factual, and thoughtful information. The answers I give are backed by facts uncovered through research and interviews with wildlife experts. Every once in a while I get a letter that is absolutely unanswerable. I submit for your entertainment letters from authors who are either without hope or are borderline retarded, or both. The letters are reprinted exactly as received, and are only edited to the extent that some words had to be deleted because this is a family publication.

I hope you have as much fun reading this stuff as I do.

From: Jadive

Sent: Monday, September 13, 2004 3:13 AM

I see it is verry obvious that you are not verry well informed on history of animals if you rilly want to make a difference in wild life you would be for a population drop of humans. after all that is why hunters have to hunt bucouse you put your house on theire food sorce. if you like seeing wild life out in the woods. you wold pull your head out you’re a**, and try wre it matters. give money to your local wild life, depart ment of fish and game. that is wre the diferce is being made.


From: Dwight & Tammy

Sent: Thursday, September 23, 2004 6:42 PM

if people don’t (kill the deer with a gun or bow) and yes when you say kill it mean by doing a lot of damage to the thing you shot that it will die, if you put a gun to your head it will blow your brains out, some stupid animal rights people think that by not killing any kind of animals that would be best, but if we do not hunt hte deer they would be more than any would be able to take care of, in places you can’t even havea garden due to have too many deer in the area, and if you think your car insurance is high now think to ten times more deer and ten times more people getting killed by running over deer in their cars and (when i say getting killed that means by hitting the deer and busting everything in it up and the deer die in a lot of pain , and the person in the car or the whole family in the car might get killed when the deer comes through the winshield and makes the driver run off the road and hit a tree and the baby goes flying out of the car and busting it’s little head like a balloon against the tree which is worst killing a few deer of killing a whole family due to too many deer, the animal right people would tell you that killing the deer would be worst,) if I’m hunting some day and one of those kind of people get under my hunting stand well I better not see them while I’m hunting it would be a bad thing if they got shoot being in the wrong place at the right time,

your deer hunter

grizzly adams

(Readers, please note that there is not a single period in the above letter – UJ)

From: Famous Spear

Sent: 26-Aug-04

ANTI HUNTERS on the fish and game council,makes me want to throw up.if this happens the hunters in nj are all done,to the antis this is a war and there objective is to ban all types of hunting and even fishing and they will lie threw there teeth to reach there objective and they will mislede you and once they infaltrate, the chances are you will start to lose your battles,and once they out number your side on your wildlife boards all the’ll start seeing is victories.

From: Cavan Williams

Sent: Wednesday, September 15, 2004 6:13 PM

you people are vile and jsut plain stupid. You obviously have not the slightest clue about huntig. Hunting is a time honored tradition and shouold be celebrated not stopped. The way you talk about hunting you make it seem like a barbaric ritual when actually you couldnt be any ffarther from the truth. This nation would not have survived if it were not for hunting to feed opur families and communities. Also of course there are hunting accidents but there are also twice as many car accidents so why dont you stop bugging us hunters and try and abolish automobiles instead. I thought that you people were supposed to be open minded, but if that is the case then why are you always the ones whoa re protesting everything that other people are doing. So do all hunters a favor and (!!!!) off we do not need anybody trying to ruin our good time and quality time with our elders. Some of the most memorable times were when i was with my father in the woods hunting, but this is something that you cannot understadn becasue i doubt that any of you even have fathers. So do all hunters a favor and fins something else to b**** and moan about becasue we are sick of hearing it. (!!!!) OFF

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen; the raw, unfiltered ramblings from the great minds of the hunting community. Is there any doubt why so many people see hunters as a few brain cells short of being sponges?

Peace and love,

Uncle Joe


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