Ask Uncle Joe – Bubba’s Letter

Dear Uncle Joe,

I hope you (expletive deleted) hit a deer on the road and it flies through your window and totals your car. would you rather have a deer hunted for food or have more deer and other animals die from getting hit by cars? you stupid (expletive deleted) liberals need to take up tree planting if you are worried about animals. dont email me back and say ” i hope you change your mind ” because I will never. I love hunting and I hope to pass it on to many generations to come. Why don’t you just go (whole string of expletives deleted) !

Montgomery, AL

Dear Bubba:

Thanks for teaching me a few new words that I can add to my vocabulary. Your mother must be very proud of you.

It may pain you to hear this, but deer/car collisions are the result of liberal hunting seasons and bag limits.

Here are a few facts for you:

In 2001, the Erie Insurance Company had 384 deer claims on opening day and the first Saturday of Pennsylvania’s hunting season. Why? That’s because deer were being chased and driven into roads by you hunters.

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration reports that most car/deer collisions happen during hunting season. Again, this is the case because deer are scared out of their wits by you Neanderthals in the woods and they dart out into traffic.

A spokesman for the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection said, “The presence of hunters in the woods puts animals, including deer and bear, on the run and often causes them to leave wooded areas.” (Trenton Times, 12/8/98)

Deer can be safely and humanely kept away from roads. Reflectors installed on the sides of roads can scare deer away from dangerous areas. The Strieter-Lite reflector has been tested for years and has been proven to reduce car/deer collisions from 60% to 100%.

Planting trees is always a good idea. Instead of killing animals, do something positive for the animals and the land they live on: plant some trees! When you’re done, you can wash your mouth out with soap (cruelty-free soap, that is).


Uncle Joe


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