1694 – The Emperor’s New Clothes

1694 – The Emperor’s New Clothes

Once upon a time, a swindler posing as a tailor tricked a royal court into commissioning him to make a fine robe for the Emperor. After many months, the tailor sashayed through the palace gates. He strode between nine silver stallions on his left and nine gold stallions on his right, all mounted by imperial soldiers. Beyond them, on a throne set high on nine tiers of opal and jade, sat the Emperor. The “tailor” walked to the lowest tier, fell on his hands and knees and announced that he was the tailor who had been commissioned to make the Emperor’s new clothes. The Emperor nodded solemnly and motioned him to ascend. Once there, the swindler confidently and dramatically unfolded what appeared to be a magnificent robe. He laid it at the Emperor’s feet, made a sweeping gesture with his arm across the length of it, and described the details of the fine material, embroidery and artwork for all to hear. He added that only those fit for their positions could appreciate the robe’s brilliance. The courtiers, mystified and not trusting their own perception, cooed in awe of the robe’s splendor. The “tailor” then helped the Emperor enrobe. He was now, he believed, covered in the finest garment in the world! The “tailor” then whispered that if the Emperor removed his underclothes, the robe could fall more elegantly. He did, and again everyone marveled at the magnificence of the robe. The swindler then departed from the palace after receiving a hefty sum from the court.

No sooner had he left when a little boy yelled out, “The Emperor’s naked!” “Quiet,” scolded a courtier. “But he is naked!” “Quiet!” But he persisted. Finally, several others chimed in. Some courtiers shrieked in horror as the truth dawned, others laughed violently, but whatever their reaction, their delusions faded; so eventually did the Emperor’s.

Based on the story by Hans Christian Andersen.

1994 – In Praise of National Hunting and Fishing Day

“Responsible stewardship of our natural resources, excellent management of our fish and wildlife, and an enduring and deep appreciation of these treasures comprise the essence of sportsmanship in our state,” said the Governor, adding, “Only those with the proper intellect and background truly appreciate what hunting does for wildlife.”

Based on the story by the Department of Interior.

[Note: The logical parallel between the Emperor’s New Clothes and Fish and Wildlife propaganda is not exact. In the former case, the delusion of a benefit is created when in fact, nothing exists; in the latter case, the delusion of a benefit is created when in fact, a detriment exists.]


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