January 25, 2019

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A hunter shot in the baden-württemberg Ettlingen accidentally his daughter. From the gun, the 56-Year-old had solved in the preparation for the hunt in his apartment from unknown causes in a shot, informed the police and the Prosecutor’s office in Karlsruhe on Friday.

hunter accidentally shoots at daughter – the dying then in the hospital

The 56-year-old man, I just want to leave the apartment, of unknown causes, a shot from a rifle broke, and the young woman met. They had been hard brought injured to the hospital, but a little later died. The 56-Year-old had possessed the weapon legally. For more details, a spokeswoman for the Karlsruhe public Prosecutor’s office for investigation tactical reasons and for the protection of privacy is not mentioned first.

Why the hunter had the over and under shotgun rifle in a loaded condition in the apartment, was being investigated. According to the weapons act, is prohibited. Weapons and ammunition must be kept separate in the gun Cabinet. The local police also wanted to make at the request of the star, no further details of the circumstances of the offence, or the fatal injury of a 19-year-old victim.

The Landesjagdverband Baden-Württemberg reacted in horror to the tragedy. Any accident with a firearm is one too many, said spokeswoman Verena Menauer. Apparently, the rules of safe weapons handling were ignored. Generally, firearms should be loaded only when hunting or on the shooting range.

The number of hunting accidents involving firearms fluctuates from year to year. According to Figures from the German hunting Association in 2017, two people and two injured, have been killed in almost of 384,000 hunting license holders. In the year of 2016, there was in the Hohenlohe district in a similar case. On new year’s eve, a 52-year-old hunter shot and killed at home accidentally and his 16-Year-old daughter, when Handling a shotgun. In 2015, had been shot in Brandenburg, a hunter accidentally on two people in a corn field. A 31-year-old man died, his 23-Year-old girlfriend was injured.


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