April 21, 2015

From IndyStar.com

His 14 coyote carcasses would have won him $325 when Troy Childers headed back to Rockville to show off his kills to the organizers of a February coyote-killing contest.

But there was a problem for the 39-year-old Roachdale man. Wildlife officers say they discovered that Childers killed all of the coyotes illegally.

With his 14 coyotes, Childers came in first place at the check-in, but Lutz said other hunters cried foul. The second-place team had 13 coyotes. In total, Lutz said more than 30 coyotes were killed in the contest.

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources announced this weekend they’d filed misdemeanor charges against Childers.

Lutz said that during the contest, Childers didn’t have a hunting license, he sneaked onto land on which he didn’t have permission to hunt, and he killed at least eight coyotes. He also “stole” at least one coyote from another trapper’s trap, Lutz said.


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