November 28, 2015


HANCOCK COUNTY — Andrew Hastings, 54, faces two felony and five misdemeanor charges after officers discovered he’d built up a collection of more than 100 sets of deer antlers, 170 feathers from federally protected birds and the skulls of about 20 different creatures.

Hastings has been illegally shooting deer, cutting the horns from their heads with a hacksaw and leaving the bodies to rot, officers said. Most of the feathers Hasting had gathered belonged to hawks, falcons and vultures protected by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, court records state.

Hastings now faces the following charges: a Level 6 felony charge of maintaining a common nuisance; two Class B misdemeanor charges of unlawful taking of a deer; a Class C misdemeanor of hunting without a license; and a Class C misdemeanor of unlawful hunting of migratory birds; and other charges not related to hunting.

DNR records show Hasting hasn’t had a valid hunting license since 2008.

Officers confiscated the feathers, two sets of antlers and the skulls of an owl and two turkey vultures as evidence, court records state.


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