November 4, 2015


TWIN FALLS – Jacob Frederick Pool, 34, of Twin Falls pleaded guilty last week to a felony count of killing or wasting a trophy mule deer during a closed season and a reduced misdemeanor count of destructing or concealing evidence, court records show.

As part of the plea agreement, the state recommended a 90-day jail sentence for the misdemeanor charge, probation for the felony charge, a lifetime suspension of his hunting license and a fine of $3,189.73.

While entering his guilty plea Oct. 26 to District Judge Randy Stoker, Pool admitted knowing what he did was wrong.

Washington Street Pawn manager Forrest Andersen said Monday Pool’s punishment doesn’t fit his crime.

“I don’t think it’s enough,” Andersen said. “If you want to stop poachers, you have to put them in jail.”

Andersen, who said he’s a hunter himself, said “They should add animal cruelty charges for poachers,” Andersen said. “Imagine the outrage if someone took a fluffy poodle to the park and shot and killed it. What’s the difference? That deer wasn’t given a sporting chance. If you gave poachers five years in prison, they wouldn’t poach.”


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