Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tony Mayer sentenced for illegally killing bull elk

Express Staff Writer

An anti-wolf activist has lost his privilege to hunt and fish in Idaho for
three years for illegally killing a bull elk in northern Blaine County in

At sentencing Friday afternoon in Blaine County Magistrate Court, Judge
Jason Walker further ruled that Tony Mayer, a Twin Falls businessman and the
founder of the anti-wolf website, could lose his hunting and
fishing rights for another six years if he fails at probation.

Mayer, 60, was required to surrender his current license at the conclusion
of Friday’s three-hour hearing. He removed it from his wallet and handed it
to a court bailiff, who delivered the document to the judge.

In a criminal case filed last year, Mayer was originally charged with a
felony for killing an elk deemed to have “trophy” status. In accord with a
plea agreement, the Blaine County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office agreed to
have the felony charged dismissed in exchange for Mayer’s pleading guilty to
misdemeanor crimes of hunting without an elk tag, hunting without an archery
permit and unlawful taking of wildlife.

Mayer admitted to the crimes at the beginning of Friday’s hearing.

Judge Walker considered each crime separately, but sentenced Mayer to a
total of nine years loss of hunting and fishing privileges, suspending
imposition of all but three years. Walker further gave Mayer a 220-day
suspended jail sentence, placed him on probation for six years and ordered
him to pay a $400 court fine, $435 in court costs and a $750 Idaho
Department and Fish and Game fine for the illegal killing of an elk. The
judge also ordered Mayer to provide 100 hours of community service.


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