UT: Hunter Found Dead In North Slope Area



Summit County deputies responded last weekend to the report of a hunter found dead, apparently of natural causes, in the North Slope area of the High Uintas.   

Sheriff’s Lt. Andrew Wright said that on Saturday morning, at about 7:45, his office heard from two hunters, traveling through an area east of the Mirror Lake Highway, who discovered a red ATV.    About 20 feet away, they found a man who, the Lieutenant said, had been dead for some time.

The fatality, later identified as a 67-year-old Syracuse resident, showed no signs of obvious wounds or indications of a suspicious death.

According to Lt. Wright, the man’s family said he usually hunted alone and would send out his GPS location to keep in touch.     His daughter said he didn’t appear, as scheduled, for his granddaughter’s softball game on Friday, so she became concerned by the next day.

An investigation into the death will be conducted by the state Medical Examiner’s Office.


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