TX: Los Fresnos High School football player hospitalized after hunting accident

Los Fresnos High School football player hospitalized after hunting accident (krgv.com)


A 17-year-old Los Fresnos High School football player is recovering after he was injured in a hunting accident.

RJ Limon has been hospitalized at Valley Baptist in Harlingen since last Wednesday. He’s been getting a lot of support from his school, friends and football team who are wishing and praying for the best.

“It’s a miracle,” said Ruben Limon, RJ’s dad. “The surgeries he’s gone through. He’s gone through three surgeries. He’s doing really good.”

Limon is a junior and a linebacker for the Los Fresnos High School football team, earning recognition the previous year as a third-team all-state linebacker.

“RJ is a, he’s a fighter,” said Los Fresnos High School Head Football Coach David Cantu. “He’s someone who is known on our team as very courageous, fearless.”

The details in the case are limited, but RJ is currently in the hospital for a self-inflicted wound to his leg.

“It went off,” Ruben Limon said. “I think he thought the safety was on.”

Steve Hall with Texas Parks and Wildlife says the most important rule of firearm or gun safety is to always point the muzzle in a safe direction at all times.

“We teach always being aware of that muzzle and where it’s pointed at all times,” Hall said. “Even if it weren’t loaded, which is the second rule of gun safety, and that is treat every firearm as if it were loaded.”

Ruben Limon says RJ will be in the hospital for at least another week.

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