TN: Lawrence County constable falls from tree in hunting accident

Lawrence County officer injured in hunting accident (


A Lawrence County law enforcement officer was badly injured in a hunting accident Thursday morning.

Officials said the 74-year-old constable fell from a tree stand that was around 12-18 feet tall.

Randy Tucker is a constable in the southern part of Lawrence County. At around 6 a.m. Thursday, his son called Lawrence County 911 to report that his father had fallen and the son was on his way to the remote location to render aid.

“He thinks he might have broke a leg; he says he’s spitting up blood,” Tucker’s son told dispatch.

Tucker’s son finally reached his father and handed over his phone to Randy.

“I think I am spitting a little blood up…hip’s messed up. I think I broke my wrist. I don’t know, I fell on my back” Randy told dispatch.

The TWRA reminds everyone hunting this year to ensure their stand is in good condition before the season, to always wear a climbing harness, to make sure others know where you are in case of an emergency and to always have your cellphone with you.


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