PA: Pennsylvania men accused of hunting squirrels while high on marijuana


Hunting while high will never end well.

Two men in Pennsylvania have been cited for hunting under the influence of a controlled substance after they got caught stalking squirrels while under the influence of marijuana.

On Jan. 27, Warden Harold L. Cole Jr. of the Pennsylvania Game Commission Northcentral Region filed charges alleging that Douglas W. Litz and Bryan T. Poust smoked cannabis before going hunting in the fall, reports. The Williamsport men admitted to smoking before hunting on Sept. 17, when they were stopped by Warden Geril Schoonmaker in State Game Lands 252, Lycoming County.

While patrolling the area around 10:30 in the morning, Schoonmaker spotted a minivan parked on Ridge Road and observed the smell of weed wafting from it, per the complaint. A glass pipe, neon orange clothing and shotgun shells were also visible in the vehicle registered to Poust.

Schoonmaker saw two hunters exit the woods with long guns, and met them at the minivan to speak with them. From there, the warden confirmed that their hunting licenses were current.

Explaining themselves, the hunters “stated that they had not gotten any squirrels yet and had returned to the van to change shirts and get a .22 caliber rifle instead of using a shotgun,” Cole wrote.

Smelling something funny, Schoonmaker asked “if there was a legal reason that the odor of marijuana was coming from them and their clothing.”

Though Poust initially claimed they “did not have anything” on them, the duo soon came clean. When Schoonmaker asked if they had been around anyone smoking weed, “Litz then looked down at the ground and Poust stated that they had smoked before leaving Litz’s house.”


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