OK: Condition of deputy injured in hunting accident improves



Medical staff are continuing to monitor a Cherokee County Sheriff’s deputy who was hurt in a hunting accident.

Curtis Elkins was hunting Monday, Jan. 18 when he tripped and fell. Elkins’ gun went off, and struck his head.

Family and friends of the deputy stated on Facebook that doctors have stitched up his wound. As of Wednesday, Jan. 20, doctors were continuing with CT scans to monitor the swelling and bleeding.

Amanda Deckard reported Elkins told the doctors “Hello,” and that he had apparently retained his memory.

“The swelling is still causing his speech to be affected, and he hasn’t been able to talk well,” said Sheriff Jason Chennault. “They’re trying to let the swelling go down before they operate.”

Family, friends, and the CCSO are asking for continued prayers for Elkins.


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