MA: Resident charged with killing bear after hunting season ends


A Massachusetts resident has been charged with illegally killing a mother black bear with a bow and arrow after hunting season ended.

Massachusetts Environmental Police said in a Facebook post Wednesday that the killing happened in late 2021 in Ashburnham while the bear was eating birdseed in person’s backyard.

Officers who went to the home saw two yearling bear cubs, one in the truck bed with the deceased bear and another nearby. The agency and MassWildlife biologists said the two yearling cubs were big enough and old enough to survive on their own. The ran off not long after the officers arrived at the home.

The agency said it later found the person tried to have the bear processed in nearby New Hampshire, telling the butcher it was killed on the last day of the season. However, the butcher determined the bear had been killed off-season, refused to process it and contacted New Hampshire Fish and Game. The person ultimately admitted to shooting the mother bear.

The agency charged the person, who it did not name, with multiple criminal charges, including the illegal taking of a black bear; hunting when the season is closed; falsifying harvest report data; exporting an illegally taken bear out of state and other crimes.

Police said the bow was seized and the bear was donated to a local rod and gun club.


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