IA: Iowa man fined $855 for injuring Marine while shooting at a squirrel



A 71-year old Iowa City, Iowa, man was fined $855 for shooting and injuring a U.S. Marine with an air rifle in October 2021.

In April, Philip Olson, who claimed he was hunting a squirrel, pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor crime after turning himself in to the police, violating a local ordinance prohibiting the discharge of toy guns and slingshots, according to the Iowa City Press-Citizen.

Heefner was in town on leave seeing grandparents and friends when he decided to go out and grab Panda Express for dinner. He was due for his first deployment to Okinawa, Japan, one week after the incident, the outlet reported.

Olson’s air rifle ammo struck Heefner, who was driving on Highway 6. He crashed his car into the median, where police found him. The errant pellet struck Heefner in the temple, leaving him in critical condition. Doctors had to remove a portion of his skull.


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