Hunting Federation President rammed to death as buffalo lashes out in Argentina


The president of the Mexican Hunting Federation died in Argentina after he shot a buffalo and “enraged” it, causing it to repeatedly ram him. Mario Alberto Canales Najjar, 64, was hunting in the province of Entre Rios, in the northeast of the country on Friday, October 7, police have confirmed. At first, the 1,100-kilo animal was knocked to the ground by the shot from the Mexican hunting boss’s 458-calibre rifle. However, after a few seconds the buffalo got to its feet and charged Mr Canales Najjar and his Argentinean guide, who was accompanying him.

Speaking to channel Todo Noticias, Mr Graciani said that the details of the event were told to them by the guide, who was the only other person present at the scene. Experts state that a buffalo can be killed by a single shot of the kind of rifle Mr Canales Najjar was using – but it can take three to four minutes of agony before it dies.

During this time, the buffalo may run away or, as in this instance, assault the one who shot it. Sensing what was about to happen, the guide said he tried to warn the Mexican hunter, but due to the earmuffs they were wearing to prevent damage to their ears, his cries of alarm were not heard.

Hunting Federation President rammed to death as buffalo he shot lashes out in Argentina (Image: Getty / CEN)

Buffalo can take several minutes to die and may attack during that time, experts said (Image: Getty)

The guide said that after striking him to the ground, the buffalo beat Mr Canales Najjar with its head on his chest and body. Desperate to help, the guide took his companion’s rifle and fired four shots in a row at the buffalo, which fell to its side.

Even this was not enough, however, as five seconds later the buffalo rose again, lunging for the guide – but he fired a sixth and final shot, finally killing it. Mr Canales Najjar remained conscious for the next half an hour. There was no mobile signal in the part of Punta Caballo where they were hunting.

The guide carried the hunter a reported 3km to reach a pick-up truck to call for help.


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