IN: Hunter sinks into mud up to his chest while trying to reach goose, Indiana officials say


A man became trapped deep in the mud of an Indiana swamp during a recent hunting trip, and neither he nor his hunting partner could free him, according to state wildlife officials. The 69-year-old resident of North Judson — a small town in northwest Indiana — went to an area swamp with another man to hunt geese, the state Department of Natural Resources said in a Sept. 10 release. At some point during the outing, he went to retrieve a goose they’d shot out of the sky — but the bird was surrounded by treacherous muck, according to officials. As the man approached his quarry, he began to sink down, mud swallowing him up to his chest.

For an hour, his partner struggled to pull him free, but the swamp wouldn’t let go, according to the release. Finally, the partner called 911 for help. A conservation officer showed up to the scene with a kayak, measured the situation and got to work.

They took out a knife and, cutting through the muck, sliced off the hunter’s waders, the release said. With the waders removed, the officer was able to lift the hunter into a boat and to safety.

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