Argentina: He was hunting in Villa La Angostura and a friend shot him by accident: he died on the spot

He was hunting in Villa La Angostura and a friend shot him by accident: he died on the spot – Zyri


a hunter of Bariloche was shot in the chest on the shores of the Lake Nahuel Huapi and died. it would have been by accidentAlthough the cause of death is still being investigated.

It happened in the Thursday morningwhile the victim was with a relative and a friend.

Tragedy in Bariloche: a hunter was shot by accident and died

it all happened while the victim, a relative and a friend hunted in the vicinity of a private room, located on the arm Huemul of Lake Nahuel Huapiterritory that is within Villa La Angostura.

At the moment not many details are known, but, as indicated by the Neuquén Police, one of the men escaped a shot and the projectile hit the friend’s chest, killing him in a few minutes. As it turns out, it is a 308 Caliber Rifle, which he used while hunting.

The two people who accompanied the victim recounted the details of what happened to the authorities among the shock.

Around noon, the prosecutor Adrian DeLillo ordered the transfer of the man’s body to the downtown area of ​​the city and it was expected that Arrange your autopsy.

From the Administration of the Nahuel Huapi National Park they confirmed the fact and indicated that it happened around 3 in the morning. Those involved were practicing poaching when they reported the incident.

As detailed by the Police, the victim and another person lived in Bariloche, while the third is from Buenos Aires. “The investigation process will be accompanied, and later the corresponding administrative measure will be analyzed,” they concluded.

The identity of the deceased hunter, who was fired and mentioned in comments about the event by relatives as “Tito”, has not yet been known.


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