March 26, 2015


This report is a sampling of events that have taken place in the past month.

On March 8th, Cpl. Casey Jones completed a lengthy investigation involving two suspects in Whitfield County. In October 2014, Cpl. Casey Jones and Cpl. James Keener responded to a complaint of hunting on property without landowner permission. Two suspects were apprehended hunting on the property and were also found to be hunting deer over bait. Evidence was seized from the scene. After interviewing suspects and witnesses, and executing multiple search warrants, more than 40 hunting violations were uncovered in Georgia and Tennessee dating back to 2012. Thirteen buck deer, two doe deer, three turkeys, and one coyote were found to have been killed illegally. All of the wildlife pictured has been seized by DNR Rangers. Two suspects face multiple charges including killing deer out of season, killing turkey out of season, hunting on lands of another without permission, and hunting big game over bait.TATTNALL COUNTY

On March 14, RFC Clint Jarriel traveled to an area near Collins where he previously located possible turkey bait (cracked corn). After a brief foot patrol of the property two adults and two youth were located hunting from ground blinds in the bait area. Both adults were charged for hunting big game over bait.

WASHINGTON COUNTY Corporal Micheal Crawley and K9 Storm were patrolling for turkey hunting activity near Linton in Washington County. Corporal Crawley found a vehicle parked on the edge of the road. Crawley suspected the driver of the vehicle was turkey hunting out of season. After several hours of surveillance Crawley approached the suspect who was in camo pants and t-shirt. Crawley questioned the subject about turkey hunting. The subject denied having a gun or any hunting equipment. Crawley took the subjects information down and told the subject he was free to leave. The subject admitted he had been hunting. The subject was charged with hunting out of season.

On March 9, Cpl. Payne patrolled Richmond County checking private properties for turkey bait. While checking a hunt club off Story Mill Rd. he observed a fox in a leg hold trap. As Cpl. Payne attempted to set up surveillance a truck pulled into the property. He questioned the subject in the vehicle and learned that he put the traps out. Citations were written for trapping without a license and failure to carry a choke stick. Warnings were issued for trapping out of season and failure to put tags on traps.

On March 15th, RFC Robert Timmerman apprehended two adults and two juveniles who were hunting turkeys over a baited area. The action was a result from an original complaint of hunting out of season. The adults were cited and released.

On March 8, 2015 Cpl. Randy Aspinwall was patrolling the Sandsavilla WMA for illegal activity. He checked a couple of hog hunters. One of the hunters did not have a hunting license or WMA stamp. Neither hunter had fluorescent orange on as required. Citations were written for the violations. On March 8, 2015 Cpl. Randy Aspinwall was patrolling the Pennhollway WMA for illegal activity. He checked a group of four hog hunters. None of the hunters were wearing the required fluorescent orange vest. Citations were written to the group. Aspinwall then gave the hunters fluorescent orange vests so they could continue hunting.


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