A hunter had to have 50 stitches to his face after the deer he was stalking charged him down while trying to escape.

Vincent Saubion, 36, had to be airlifted to hospital for surgery when a deer fleeing from his cross hairs ran into him during a hunting expedition in Lesperon, France.

The frightened 150 kilogramme (330-lb) deer tore a long, sweeping flap of skin all along Saubion’s cheek beneath his eye and across his nose.

Saubion, who is of Basque origin, told local media he felt ‘drunk’ after the impact, adding: ‘It actually took half my face off.’

A scarred and stitched Saubion stares into his camera phone looking a little dazed after being headbutted by the very deer he was stalking

Despite the enormous wound to his face and significant blood loss, Saubion said he wanted to continue hunting with his friends. 

But a concerned fellow hunter said he should stop.

Luckily, a firefighter who was part of Saubion’s hunting party was able to give first aid.

But his injuries were so serious that he had to be choppered to Pellegrin Hospital in Bordeaux where he had emergency surgery.

Local reports say the 36 year old had some 50 stitches.

Saubion told media in the area he was grateful the injury was not worse than it was, and that his biggest concern was feeling afraid.

No bones in Saubion’s face were broken.

Shortly afterwards, the chipper hunter told local reporters: ‘I feel as good as I can be.’ 

Despite his close encounter and shocking injury, Saubion has vowed to return to the forest to hunt again.

‘I am still crazy about hunting,’ he said.

‘I have nothing but respect for the game and the owners who let us hunt on their grounds,’ he added. 

The incident happened in January and has only become public now.

It is unknown if the deer that injured Saubion survived. 


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