December 6, 2014


The Florida FWC Division of Law Enforcement reported the following activity during the weekly period ending December 4 in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties.


Officer Webb checked a fisherman as he was coming off the Bob Sikes Bridge.

Officer Webb spoke to the individual and asked if he had caught anything.

The individual admitted he caught a red drum but was unsure of its size.

Officer Webb measured the fish, which measured 35 inches. The legal size for red drum is 18 to 27 inches. After further questioning, the subject admitted having a second red drum in the trunk of his car. That fish measured 36 inches. Officer Webb seized the fish and issued a notice to appear citation to the individual for the violation.

While on patrol, Lieutenant Lambert observed an individual drive into a cultivated corn field in an attempt to shine deer with the vehicle’s headlights. Lieutenant Lambert stopped the vehicle as it exited the field.

The driver had a 20 gauge shotgun lying next to him on the front seat. The subject admitted he was looking for deer and would have shot a big buck.

The subject’s gun was seized and was issued a notice to appear citation for the violation.


Officers working Blackwater Wildlife Management during the opening of gun season responded to a gunshot near the closed area of Krul Lake. The officers located a vehicle near this area and waited on the hunter to return. Officers Barnard, Hutchinson and Hoomes stopped the subject and asked if he shot earlier. The subject admitted to shooting two deer and advised he left his gun in the woods after seeing the officers in the area.

The subject did not have a hunting license. When the officers went to the area, they observed corn on the ground around the area the subject was hunting. The officers also located a 7‑point buck that the subject shot.

The subject’s rifle was located in the woods near this area. It was determined that the subject shot at the same deer twice and thought there was a second deer. The subject was issued citations for taking deer on a WMA where food or grain has been distributed and for not having a hunting license. The subject was issued four warnings for other license violations.

Officer Miller was patrolling Eglin WMA working a hunting detail during the first phase of rifle season. He received a complaint that a hunter, who had shot a deer in the daily closed area, was currently tracking it. Upon arrival at the boundary of the closed area where the subject was allegedly last seen, a truck pulled up. Upon inspection of this truck, Officer Miller found a dead doe deer in the bed. The subject was cited for possession of a doe deer during a closed season. The deer was seized and donated.

During the four day general gun season, Investigator Schafer and Officers Jones and Miller issued 2 citations (including 1 for the killing of a doe deer out of season), and issued 1 warning.

Officer Lewis and K-9 Officer Pineda worked a detail in the Blackwater WMA targeting illegal hunting. The officers located a vehicle parked in an area where they had information about a baited site. The officers deployed K-9 Kane who tracked into the woods and located a hunter who had exited her stand. A brief search of the area revealed that the hunter was in fact hunting over bait. The hunter was issued a citation for hunting over bait within a WMA.

K9 Officer Pineda was patrolling Eglin WMA following a lead of someone being on the area after legal hours. He observed vehicle headlights at the end of a trail. The vehicle then suddenly swerved into the woods and shut its headlights off. Officer Pineda located the vehicle in the woods and made contact with five people in the vehicle. The driver stated his vehicle was giving him problems and caused him to drive into the woods and shut his lights off. All the occupants were aware of the Eglin rules and that they were in violation. They later admitted they were in the wrong and had tried to hide from the officer. Officer Jones arrived to assist. The subjects were cited for being on Eglin after hours established by the commander and for driving off of named and numbered roads. They were then released and told to exit the management area. Fifteen minutes later, the same driver was observed going around a closed section gate and into the closed area. The driver was stopped and cited for a closed area violation.


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