Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wildlife officers say a Tampa man trying out his new AK-47 in Levy County
illegally killed a deer and an alligator and posted photos of his kills on

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission received a complaint
about the photos, which included a picture of the hunter, on Facebook.

According to an FWC news release, Investigator James Smith interviewed the
man, Kyle Edwards, 21, who gave him the following account:

One June 10, Edwards and a friend went to property in Otter Creek to camp
and shoot an AK-47 he bought at a Tampa gun show. They saw an alligator on a
dirt road, and Edwards shot and killed it. They cleaned the gator, ate some
of the meat and gave some to friends. The rest of the carcass went into a
dump pile.

The next day, Edwards told the officer, he killed the deer. After taking a
picture, the two again cleaned the animal, ate of some of the meat, gave
some to friends and dumped the carcass.

Edwards told the FWC he had the photographs on his Facebook page for a while
before taking them down.

Officers later found the carcasses.

They cited Edwards last week with taking deer during the closed season and
illegal taking of an American alligator. Both charges are misdemeanors.


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