December 19, 2014


Three hunters were arrested in an illegal deer-hunting incident, with an occupied house hit by rifle fire.

Jeffery A. Jones, 28, of the Delmar area, was charged with gun, trap and hunting offenses, including multiple felonies.

The two other hunters admitted to limited roles in the illegal hunting incident Dec. 6 near Laurel, which involved banned guns and illegal traps, the state Division of Fish & Wildlife Enforcement Natural Resources Police announced Friday.

No one was injured when their gunfire hit the house, he said.

Two hunters, pleaded guilty and paid fines on charges of possession/transportation of an unlawfully taken antlered deer and conspiracy. One also admitted a charge of trapping without a license/safety course.

Jones also was accused of all three of those charges and others, starting with use of illegal weapons.

As a result of his rifle fire, he was charged with striking an occupied dwelling with shot from a firearm, felony reckless endangering and possession of a deadly weapon during commission of a felony, he said.

Jones also used a handgun illegally, McDerby said.

He also was charged with setting an unlawful killer body-gripping trap, use of a non-padded trap above the waterline and illegal use of a trap with a jaw spread of more than 6½ inches above the waterline.

Jones, also was charged with failure to tag antlered deer, could not be reached for comment.

He is free on $29,800 unsecured bail, awaiting trial.


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