April 1, 2015

From DelawareOnline.com

A Sussex County man was fined and banned from hunting for two years after an owner’s trail camera caught him illegally rifle-hunting deer on his property, state officials said Wednesday.

The owner took the camera down after deer season ended and was reviewing its recording when he saw video of the illegal hunter and alerted Fish & Wildlife’s Natural Resources Police.

Wildlife enforcement officers arrested David M. Naumann and charged him with hunting white-tailed deer during a closed season, trespassing to hunt, failure to tag antlerless deer, failure to display required hunter organge, removing antlerless deer parts prior to checking, failure to check antlerless deer within 24 hours, failure to retain tag with antlerless deer, possession of unlawfully taken antlerless deer and unlawfully taking an antlerless deer during archery season using a weapon other than bow and arrow or crossbow.

Naumann pleaded guilty to six of the nine charges. In addition to being banned from hunting for two years, his fines on the charges totaled $1,113, he said.


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