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Contact your federal Senators ASAP and urge them to vote NO on the “Conservation and Economic Growth Act” -HR 2578;


The Conservation & Economic Growth Act is a dangerous bill that includes the misleadingly titled “Target Practice and Marksmanship Training Support Act (H.R. 3065),” and must be defeated in the Senate because it has already passed in the House of Representatives.

Background:  The Pittman-Robertson Act mandates that excises taxes from the sale of weapons, ammunition and hunting equipment must be spent to enhance “conservation” efforts, including the promotion of recreational killing of wildlife and selective restoration for hunted animal habitat.

HR 2578 (sponsored by Rep. Heath Schuler –D, N.C.), will allow state hunting agencies to siphon Pittman-Robertson funds away from habitat support and use them to recruit new hunters into the deadly blood sport of hunting.

Hunters are desperate to build up their numbers since participation in their violent sport has been waning steadily over the past two decades, and this awful bill attempts to reverse a decline in opportunities for recreational animal killing on public lands.

Call the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121.  An operator will connect you directly with the Senate office you request.  Visit  to e-mail your Senators.

It is imperative that we contact our senators and urge them to vote NO on H.R. 2578.  The hunters and other violent wildlife abusers are fighting hard for the passage of this bill, and even though we significantly outnumber them we must fight against their efforts by letting our voices be heard.


Dear Senator:

I am contacting you to add my voice to those of millions of American citizens who oppose the Conservation & Economic Growth Act (HR 2578).  Please do all you can to prevent this dangerous bill from becoming law and if necessary, vote “no” on the Senate version of the bill if it comes before the Senate for a vote.

HR 2578 would siphon funds away from wildlife habitat protection and use those funds to promote the dangerous and destructive sport of recreational hunting.  Sport hunting has been waning in popularity over the past two decades and Congress should not be misappropriating the taxes of millions of non-hunting target shooters who wish to see wildlife habitat protected with their tax dollars.

Because HR 2578 would result in irreparable damage to the natural world in an effort to promote recreational hunting, I respectfully urge you to oppose the Conservation & Economic Growth Act and doo all within your power to prevent it from becoming law.

Your response will be greatly appreciated.



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