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November 10, 2012

Contact and Urge Them to Dump the North American Hunting Club!


The popular website gives shoppers a way to use its website to earn points redeemable for gift cards at hundreds of major stores.  The company recently sent an e-mail to members offering a way to earn points for signing up for a free subscription to North American Hunter magazine.  
Please contact MyPoints and politely but firmly ask that they stop promoting wanton violence against our wildlife.
50 California Street
3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94111-4632
You can e-mail through this link, but you may need to sign up with MyPoints to do so (a very easy process).

Please send C.A.S.H. a copy of your letter and any reply you receive:
Dear MyPoints:
It has come to my attention that MyPoints is offering its members a free subscription to North American Hunter Magazine.  I respectfully request that MyPoints immediately sever its relationship with North American Hunter magazine and the North American Hunting Club since hunting is a violent activity that is opposed my millions of people throughout the nation.
Hunting violently kills and injures hundreds of millions of animals every year in the United States, and these animals needlessly suffer agonizing deaths at the hands of violent people who enjoy harming and killing helpless animals for the purpose of recreation.  Deriving enjoyment from violent activity is obscene and should not be promoted in any way.
Mental health professionals acknowledge that violence toward animals is a warning sign of mental illness, and by promoting North American Hunting Club, MyPoints is complicit in reinforcing the sickness of those who choose to harm animals for pleasure.
Hunting is a violent activity that has no place in a modern, ethical society.  It is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions of animals each year and thousands of human deaths and injuries.  I am disappointed that your company would support such violence.  Please discontinue this offer immediately, as the hunting only contributes to making the world a more violent place. I will appreciate your reply to my concerns.


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