November 13, 2015


James Hirschboeck, 53, is charged with operating an unlicensed outfitting business for profit, menacing with a deadly weapon, illegally possessing a bull elk and hunting on private property without permission, Colorado Parks and Wildlife said in a statement.

Hirschboeck ran Colorado Elk Adventures without a license and charged up to
$3,000 for each illegal hunt, said Bob Holder, parks and wildlife lead investigator on the case.

Undercover agents posing as clients infiltrated the operation and saw the ranch Hirschboeck leased “was strewn with alfalfa hay,” an illegal baiting tactic used to lure deer and elk, authorities said.

The investigators received first-hand accounts of how a bull elk was killed by one of the hunters on private property, then dragged to the area Hirschboeck had leased.

The agents saw Hirschboeck threaten another hunter after he complained that the hunts were illegal and demanded a refund. Hirschboeck allegedly pulled a claw hammer from a tool box and struck a wall with it, screaming at the client. The affidavit said Hirschboeck then brandished a mace, a medieval weapon with a spiked ball and chain, and asked the man, “What do you think of this?”

According to the affidavit, he had previously been charged in Wisconsin with illegally luring wildlife.

Hirschboeck could face jail time and fines.


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