December 5, 2014


Joseph Eugene Bragdon, 37, of Bishop was taken into custody without incident at his workplace today after a $15,000 arrest warrant was issued by the Inyo County District Attorney’s Office.

Bragdon took his juvenile son hunting in the G-3 zone and killed a large mule deer buck using a D-7 zone tag. The dead deer was located with only the antlers and part of the edible meat removed. Most of the animal was left to waste.

This is not Bragdon’s first run-in with Fish and Wildlife officials. In November 2012 Bragdon was convicted of two hunting violations in Nevada, including hunting big game in a closed season and hunting big game without a tag.

Bragdon faces possible charges for several violations of the Fish and Game Code, including taking a deer without a license, tag or permit, failure to fill out tags, waste of game, and failure to have a tag in possession. He could face revocation of his hunting license, fines, probation and/or jail time.


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